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As a multi-faceted artist specializing in lifestyle, portrait, brand, and product photography, I am dedicated to crafting visual stories that resonate deeply. My lens is a storyteller, capturing the very essence of individuals, places, and products, weaving together narratives that unfold through imagery. Together, let's step into a world where moments are preserved, emotions are immortalized, and stories are brought to vivid reality.

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This is a treasure chest of colors and emotions, where every image bursts with life, personality, and creativity. From the candid laughter of individuals to the breathtaking beauty of brand campaigns,  you'll find it all here. 


I recently had an impromptu photo shoot with Stephanie to help elevate my self esteem. Not only did we get some amazing shots, but I left that session crying tears of joy because I felt more like myself, more inspired and truly celebrated and captured. Stephanie brings a sense of calm in the space that she enters, while using her creatively to capture the best look possible. I would highly recommend her! 

I am




Stephanie Wright is a talented and genuinely kind person to work with. Very communicative, incredible vision, and highly professional. She shot photos for a collection of mine and she not only photographed it all - but also coordinated with third party vendors like venue, florist, and models to make sure it was all successful. I loved working with Stephanie Wright and would recommend her for any and all your photography needs.

She is



genuinely kind


I hired Stephanie to do some product shots for my brand aMYLK, and I have been incredibly pleased with her work! Many of them are currently featured on my website. I'm very much looking forward to hiring Stephanie for future projects, including lifestyle portraits. I’ve admired her work for a long time.

Incredibly Pleased...



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Working with Stephanie was wonderful, she really focused on understanding my aesthetic before our planned shooting. By reviewing my ideas and making a mood board together. As a Pinterest lover I really appreciate putting a mood board together for aesthetic reasons and better ideas. I have used the pictures taken by her around my website and social channels, leading to more partnerships. 
Really recommend working with her at any projects, already planning my next! 

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This is not just another photography session. You are gaining more than just a photograph – it's an experience that encapsulates the very core of who you are. With a keen eye for composition and lighting, I craft images that immortalize your emotions and personality in a single frame. By freezing these heartfelt moments, I give you a tangible memory that tells a rich and timeless story, preserving your essence for years to come. 

capturing the essence of who you are

Brand & Portraits

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Let's turn your products into works of art, sparking a connection that drives engagement and resonates with customers on a visual and emotional level. Through meticulous lighting, composition, and attention to detail, we'll bring products to life, showcasing their textures, features, and your craftsmanship in the most compelling way to evoke desire and intrigue within your customers. 

transforming ordinary objects into captivating visual stories

Product Photography

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Let’s capture the everyday moments and experiences that define your life and create images that transport you back to those cherished times. Whether it's the joy of a family gathering, the adventure of travel, or the comfort of home. My goal is to curate a collection of images that reflect the richness of your story, preserving fleeting moments and turning them into lasting memories that you can treasure forever.

a blend of candid authenticity and artistic vision

Lifestyle Photography

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This is more than photos— it's an investment in a deeply personal and artistic journey that captures the beauty and depth of your unique self and brand.

Hello, I'm glad you're here! I'm a photographer, art director, and stylist from Portland, OR. My lens captures diverse subjects with a clean and elegant touch. My specialty is lifestyle, portrait, brand, and product photography. I love chasing light and dancing with shadows. I allow nature's beauty to seamlessly complement my subjects, making my work come alive. I believe that simplicity holds beauty, and my images echo the joy nestled in everyday moments – from the mundane to the milestones. Let's celebrate life's simplicity and beauty together! 

a lover of storytelling & 
good conversation





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Filed In: Lifestyle & Travel Photography Presenting a glimpse of my visual journey through Italy with some film photography.

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Filed In: Brands & People Photography In collaboration with Kelly the visionary behind Earth & Her Ceramics, we have embarked on a creative journey that beautifully captures the essence of her brand. Through a series of captivating lifestyle shoots, inventive portraits, and thoughtfully curated brand content, we have celebrated the heart and soul of Earth […]

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